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We can offer everything in terms of natural gas or butane refers to In Molins de Rei and Barcelona.

We install all brands and types according to the customer's need and situation.

Installation of mullions in patios and facades with chair or elevator, work with all kinds of pressures, in height, pods, stems, etc…

We have the best prices, without competition for being official distributors of the first brands.

Now we can also process the gas discharge if the customer requests it.

Molin Van

Barcelona gas installers know that safety and a good installation of gas for your home is paramount, any defect or gas leak is a great danger that you run, that is why we offer you the best natural gas installation service. We have the best prices in the industry

In authorized gas installers Barcelona we do jobs such as:

  • Comprehensive reforms
  • Cleaning gas devices
  • Butane gas installation
  • Gas kitchen arrangements
  • Gas repair facilities
  • Gas certificates
  • Butane natural gas facilities

We know that we always have a problem regarding this situation and we bring you the best services for this, just as we have a wide variety of professional equipment and you can count on us as soon as you need gas installer Barcelona, we are always at your order and disposal.

Mandatory review gas installation Barcelona

Not only do we offer gas installation, but a wide variety of services such as gas cooker repair Barcelona, gas installation, gas heating and maintenance reviews.

All these services we offer for the comfort of your home, you only have to contact us at any time and we will be at your availability as a gas installer, we serve you regardless of the nature of the problem, we are at your disposal for any type of problem that presents you with the above, our goal is that our customers are satisfied with our services , that's why we offer you comfort by having our help.

We will show you what our services are and you will see that they are very convenient for you and the lifestyle you lead. We always seek to keep our customers safe and give them the best of us so that they can gain our trust and continue to offer them our best equipment and services.

Molins Store

Gas bulletins in Barcelona

Since we have a variety of professionals, there is no doubt that we will always give the best for you, whether in the installation of gas appliances or maintenance of these, and by gaining your trust we are sure that you will prefer us the moment when you call us onwards for this type of situations.

As mentioned above, we are at your disposal at the time you need us and we have an authorized gas service at home, where when presenting your problem you will immediately go a professional and always accompanied by an authorized natural gas technician.

If you have a gas leak we recommend you call us immediately as it is very dangerous when this happens and can bring very bad consequences, we recommend that if you have no experience of how it works, do not manipulate it to avoid any major problems.

I trusted approved companies

We know that most of our customers have a very hectic life and that they do not have all the time for this type of review regarding their devices, that is why by contacting our natural gas company we do everything easy and fast for your satisfaction and the safety of your home.

Gas appliances must be constantly maintained and of quality, to make the equipment more durable and serve perfectly in the home.

We know that many times you apply the procedure to maintain it to last a few more days, but always, after a certain time, it is necessary for a professional person to do natural gas Barcelona.

But if you are one of those people who does no maintenance, you must make sure that you receive it at least once a year, so that you are safer, since the installation of gas is the most dangerous if done without knowledge, the gas pipes must always be in good condition to avoid any mishap.

You need to be always vigilant and keep checking if there is no gas leak, or there is no abnormality in the hose. If this is presented, you should contact gas maintenance and turn to a professional to repair it and avoid an accident.

Accidents caused by gas devices can be very serious, the most common are explosions, so at no time should you neglect the maintenance of condensation gas appliances in order to be safe in your home and keep those around you free from danger with respect to this type of errors.

Gas Installer offer a wide variety of services for all these situations with any butane gas and natural gas device in Barcelona, we are sure to be able to offer you all the benefits that we have.

Certified gas installers in Barcelona

We know that most of the problems that arise to you by not hiring a professional gas installer in Barcelona is because you think it is something very expensive, but for that we, that we have the best professional equipment and our prices are the cheapest, compared to other gas companies.

How to clean a natural gas appliance?

Cleaning an appliance that uses this oxidity is very important for it to work well and last much longer, so we have a gas appliance maintenance service.

Natural gas company in Barcelona professional?

Molins Air Conditioning

We as natural gas installers offer you the best service in everything related to gas.

How to do a natural gas reform?

If you need to carry out a reform of your gas installation, call Barcelona gas installers and we will carry out your reform with a very economical price.

Over the years, our professional team of authorized gas installers has been advancing in such a way that we have come to count on the best in our country, due to the performance we have shown and the quality that our technicians have

Today, thanks to our professional advancement, we were also able to grow as a company, allowing us to offer the best service for what you need with gas installations and other related things. We know that our team will never hurt you, we work as follows:

  • We are available to you at all times of the day, offering our best on-site service.
  • We carry everything you need to offer you the best quality you need, whether for maintenance or installation.
  • We do the facilities quickly and with a lot of security for your home, because the facilities are a delicate process, we give our best to you.
  • Our entire team is made up of professionals with the best knowledge, to offer you the best and give the best of us, looking that we always prefer to carry out the work related to your heating system.
  • We offer on-site gas installer service, we know that our customers need the best of services. With what we offer to solve your problem where we are, depending on the severity of the problem, this solution can take only a few hours or days. Still, what you can be absolutely sure of is that we will always give our best to make our services quick and satisfactory.

At this point you should already know, for all the above, that our services are related to gas devices and are for all kinds of heating plumbing system, both in homes and businesses.

But what we have not mentioned is that, in addition to that we also offer our service to industries. Industries that work with industrial gas appliances can count on us at all times, for this we have professional equipment specialized in this area, whether for the maintenance of natural gas, certificate, gas revision or the installation of it.

We know that as an industry you think this service is much more expensive, but the truth is that if you are looking for gas appliances at economic prices, we are the ones indicated. We offer numerous offers and the best price of gas installation, so if you have an industry and you have a problem with your gas devices or you need to install natural gas, do not hesitate to contact us to offer you the best services in natural gas heating Barcelona.

Request your installation quote and the following will be to receive a visit from our gas installers, to help you solve your problems. For quality or worry, by belonging to the association of installers, we can guarantee that we are one of the companies of gas installations with certified gas installers, the most and best prepared employees on the market. We guarantee that among all gas companies in Barcelona ours are the best.

The devices we offer are one of the best brands on the market and we also sell them much cheaper than elsewhere, with these products plus our services, you will have the best installation in your home or industry. Depending on the type, we offer you the best deals, where along with your purchase you can include the professional service of an authorized gas installer.


Remember that it is always important that you have the right heating for your home, office, business or industry, whether to keep the home warm or the temperature of the shower, and as you well know the heating depends on a good appliance and excellent work done by the gas installation company, this is where we enter, we have the best technical gas service. Offering the best services for you, your comfort and your pocket.

This is why we tell you not to choose to buy appliances for new ones if yours have faults, contact gas installers in Barcelona and we can surely offer you a solution according to your problem and your needs.

As for boilers we are authorized installers of the first brands in Spain such as Saunier Duval,Junkers,Vaillant,Baxi…

Gas certificates

Although our natural gas installation budget is very economical unlike any other gas company, we will never leave you unwell in any situation.

Our natural gas technicians come prepared, with the best education, and all this knowledge will be used for the comfort of our customers. At this point our services are already recognized, thanks to our team that has managed to do the best to climb positions in the market every day more and more. That's why we want you to count on us at any time, opt for our authorized gas installers in Barcelona to do the gas review on your property.

For any mishap that arises do not hesitate to contact us immediately, at no time will we offer you bad solutions, otherwise, we are authorized gas installers and we always care to propose and execute solutions tailored to your requirements, needs and expectations.

Saunier Duval Molins de Rei boiler installer

In case we have a boiler that does not work on gas, we would only have to change a few parts (the burners) to adapt the installation to natural gas. Guarantees and concrete services both for the care of your boiler for the maintenance and review of your installation in our technical service Gas Installer certified by the Ministry of Industry.

Apart from being specialists in the installation of natural gas, propane and butane we have an area totally dedicated to the installation of gas boilers in Barcelona that takes care of urging each and every one of the brands and models of existing boilers so that you always enjoy the gas with total calm and safety.

We are authorized and qualified Barcelona gas installers, so we will offer you in all services reliability, quality and guarantee.

There are different types of gas that can be used in these facilities: natural gas, which is supplied directly to households by pipelines and propane gas, which does so through cylinder storage tanks.

The Gas Installation that use new material techniques, or because of its special characteristics cannot meet any of the requirements established in the regulations that apply to them, provided that they do not imply a reduction of the safety of them.

Natural gas, a fossil fuel that formed millions of years ago mainly by organic matter, so it is often referred to as fossil fuels.

The most requested services by each of our customers are the following: the installation of boilers, the butane gas installer, the installation of gas, the installation and replacement of regulators and meters, the gas certificates and bulletins, etc.

The installer can be an engineer, technical engineer, certified professional vocational training graduate that meets the requirements of current regulations and obtains the authorized installer card.

We carry out both natural gas and propane gas installations, whose main virtues are its calorific capacity and its cleanliness, since they do not generate waste, hollines or other by-products harmful to the environment.

Our work as a gas installer technical service understands all aspects of the installation from start to finish, including processing permits, certificates and relevant paperwork to record gas supply.

From our beginnings to the present day, it has guided us to achieve the complete customer satisfaction materialized in offering the products and services of the highest quality in the installation and maintenance of gas equipment, as well as general heating services.

Gas Molins de Rei

Gas breakdown repairs

We have been serving individuals for more than 20 years, neighboring communities companies thanks to which today we can ensure that we are an authorized gas installer technical service in Barcelona of reference that helps many customers of the service to benefit from the advantages of having had a serious, constantly expanding company and above all a company that thinks about the well-being and security of all those who have placed their trust in us.

Authorized natural gas installer Barcelona

We are authorized and qualified Barcelona gas installers, so we will offer you in all services reliability, quality and guarantee.

Our work as a gas installer technical service comprises all aspects of the installation from start to finish, including the processing of permits, certificates and relevant paperwork to record the gas supply.

Gas reconstructions in Barcelona We have the capacity and precise certification to be able to request the gas supply in any property where you order to install it and in this way, and thanks to the rapid intervention of our authorized gas installer department in Barcelona you can fully and safely enjoy the advantages of natural gas, propane and butane.

If your installation complies with current regulations, and they check that the gas reaches all consumption points and the appliances are working properly, the technician will leave the installation ready for use and issue the Individual Installation Certificate on the same visit.

You just need to leave your problem in our hands, whatever it is, everything will be in perfect condition whether in your home or industry. If you didn't know about gas installer in Barcelona, since you know us now, don't miss this opportunity, and always remember that our customers are our priority.

We do not charge travel to Sant Feliu de Llobregat

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